2023 ALR Designs Recap!

2023 ALR Designs Recap!

2023 review!

Sharing some of my favorite moments and achievements of the year, because usually I just make about a 5 page list of things I need to improve on, so I’m going to celebrate the wins first!

ALR Designs 2023 Wrapped

  • I painted ALOT of new paintings this year, at *least*  30 new paintings! ( a goal of mine for this year is to keep better track of that!)

This was my first painting of 2023! I loved it so much that I painted a bigger version for my summer collection later in the year.

I recorded myself painting about a quarter of them, and you can watch the recap of me painting them here if you're on Tik Tok: 2023 paintings recap 

  •  Released my summer collection online on time this year! Which is a big deal for me! Usually I get so caught up in prepping for my in person summer markets that the summer collection doesn't go online till August, but this year I made it happen!

  • I improved my acrylic painting skills a lot, and got way more comfortable painting with acrylic again! If you don't know, painting with acrylic is MUCH different than painting in watercolor. So some of my watercolor skills don't translate. But I definitely made leaps and strides!

  • Started painting handbags on a whim, and ended the year having painted and sold over 150 handbags.

  • I painted more hydrangeas than I ever have or would have thought possible in a year. I could probably paint them in my sleep now. I'm actually not sick of painting them. I painted so many, that it become almost meditative for me. 

  • I had my biggest online revenue day to date on my website!
  • I painted over 30 commission paintings this year, 25 of those being custom shell ladies- in the forms of friends, couples, families, kids, moms, and grandmothers!


  • I’m not sure if this is a flex haha, but I spent around 60 days total at in person events! It was a crazy weather year, from very hot in humid, to rainy and wet. But I love seeing how much my set up has grown and changed. This year I got a new shelf for my set up that I love!

  • Had my first in-person live painting event ( at  Ashley Irene Boutique !) I'm not sure I've ever painted for 12 hours straight before that, but now I can say that I have! Whew! It was so fun painting and giving these to you in person though!

  • Taught watercolor to adults for the first time! ( at Sunset Artist Studios !). I was on my second year teaching kids and tweens and I finally felt ready to teach adult students. It was so fun and I loved seeing everyones finished paintings. Stay tuned for more classes in 2024!

  • I've now sold my work online to 50 states! South Dakota I'm waiting on you! 

(This little map has been taped to the side of my desk since i started my Etsy shop in 2020! It definitely past time to get a new map, I've sold to so many other countries now, that it's time for a world map!)

  • And probably so many other small wins and achievements that I'm forgetting about!

*If you want to see the full year recap in images  click here*

Although most of this business is a one woman show- I do the painting, and printing, the social media, customer service, and shipping, I have a wonderful support system that makes this possible and helps me out in so many ways.

So here are some Important thank you's!

Thank you to my boyfriend who cooks for me when I’m too busy finishing orders or prepping for shows to make dinner for myself.

Sasha who is the best emotional support system I could ask for.

My dad who helps make my set-up at outdoor shows soo much easier. My tent would definitely have blown away at some point if it weren’t for him.

(Sorry Dad don't have a set up photo! But he did get the first ALR Designs sweatshirt for Christmas this year)

My mom, who  covers my shanty in 80 degree heat when I have to go teach a class, and spends her entire weekend doing a show for me when I’m sick. Plus she makes sure all of my shopping bags are cute and branded, and makes sure I always have snacks at my events.


I don’t have enough character space in this post to write how much all of their support means to me.

 Thank you to all of my WONDERFUL artist friends that keep me sane through the busy times, the hot and humid times, the rainy show days, friends that let me borrow tape or change, or a shopping bag, that cover for you so you can use the bathroom or get water, that send you funny relatable memes online, and like all of your posts because they get it.

All of you. You all constantly give me the support and encouragement I need to keep sharing my art.

I have so many wonderful customers and now friends. Customers that bring me shells that they’ve collected for me to use, or share that I inspired them to start painting or creating. That means more to me than you know.

THANK YOU ALL for coming along for the journey in 2023 Wishing you all an amazing year to come! Excited to share more of my creations with you this year!


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