Behind the collection: The Winter Collection

Behind the collection: The Winter Collection

If you click the winter collection tab on my website, it's actually a combination of two collections. You have prints of paintings inspired by winter on Cape Cod, and winter in New Hampshire.

Like a lot of cape codders, we grew up near the beach, which meant we vacationed in the mountains. Entirely different winter landscapes, but both offering beauty in their own ways.

The Cape Cod pieces were inspired by a photo I took New Years Eve 2017. It was one of the coldest days I remember, in the negatives with the wind chill. But I took a little scenic drive to craigville beach to see the last sunset of year. Snow and ice was woven into the sand. I took this photo from the parking lot, and I just loved how blue and moody it was. Plus the contrast of the snow against the beach grass looked so pretty. 

I painted this new years day, 2021. You can watch the painting video on my instagram here.

The original lives in a happy home in Maryland now.

The other piece from my Cape Cod winter collection was inspired by a photo I took in February of 2011! I had to dig through my mobile uploads album on facebook for this one!

This is Long Beach right next to Craigville beach. A scene you make recognize from a lot of my photos and paintings. I've used it for Christmas cards too! If you didn't recognize it, it's because, like I said, it's from 2011, and this is before they redid the walkway here. That little tree on the left in the distance is so much bigger and overgrown now! But I just loved the color palette in this photo. The neutrals and icy blues with a little dusting of snow.

I painted these pieces so they could be displayed seperately or together, and with this neutral color palette, easily displayed year round. 

I love pairing both with these other blue seascapes

Long beach Print , Sea Blue 1, Sea Blue 2

Craigville winter, sea blue set

In my own home, I've had them all display together (like this set), but most recently had the beach scene prints on my mantle, where I switch out prints seasonally and the seascapes framed in my studio with the other seascape set. 


The New Hampshire Winter Collection

These pieces were inspired by a snow shoe spot I visited in 2019. 

Nature was really showing off that day. Like a lot of my photos I added them to my "to paint" album on my phone, and finally painted them a few years later!




My favorite thing about adventuring out in the snow is how quiet it is. It can be so calming and peaceful, and painting these pieces help remind me of those moments.

(And if you didn't know,  there's actually a scientific reason behind it,  When inches of fluffy snow accumulate on the ground, it acts as a sound absorber, dampening sound waves making it seem quieter.)

I first painted the red bridge piece as part of a Christmas card collection. I always like to include a winter scene card that can be used for all denominations, and winter lovers.  The river piece I painted in February of 2021, so I could finally have a New Hampshire set.

White Mountains Set

I hope you enjoyed learning about the inspiration behind these pieces! 

If you have them in your home, I'd love if you'd share pictures with me on social, or email me a pic! 

Thanks for reading and stay inspired this winter!



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