Print of the week! 2/12/24

Print of the week! 2/12/24

Print of the week is back for 2024!

This week I'm featuring my Pink Peonies print. I though it was fitting for the week of Valentine's day. 

watercolor print of pink peonies framed on the wall. A vase of pink peonies is on the table in front of it.

When I first painted this piece, I only painted it to practice, and to film a soothing painting video for instagram. The video didn't really come out like I was hoping, but , the paintings came out very cute! Like many, peonies are one of my favorite flowers. I love the colors and the fullness of each bloom. It's such a pretty piece to frame for a home office, entry way, kitchen, even bathroom. 

Ok the bad news is, I scrolled very far back on my instagram account and could not find the painting video, or any of the clips in the depths of the archives in my phone. But if I ever do, I'll link it in this post.

This is a great stand alone print, but I also love pairing it with these prints: beach roses , shell lady dancer 2, magnolia whale, and field of cosmos.

I'm partial to this pairing!

Because it has alot of white space in the background I think this print looks great with out without a mat. It lends itself nicely to a lot of different frames and stylings!

I love pink peonies, but the coral charm peonies have to be my favorite.

I even have a free digital download of coral charm peonies that you can download and print for free here

What is your favorite peony color and let me know in the comments or shoot me a message! If you have this print framed in your home or office, I'd love if you'd share it with me, send me an email, or tag me on instagram @alr.designs

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