Print of the Week 2/19/24

Print of the Week 2/19/24

Sunset Winter Pines

I painted this piece back in January of 2021. I was in my usual winter, post holiday painting slump. I wasn't as familiar with it then, as I am now a few years later. Once the daylight hours shrink so does my motivation to be creative. But thankfully since then I've found ways to to accept it or move through it. That might mean  some days I paint a ton and some not at all, and that's the beauty of this time of year as an artist on Cape Cod. 

Back to this piece. It was inspired by a photo I saw on unsplash ( which is an amazing free resource I use for royalty free reference photos). 

The sun was bright the day I painted this. During the winter months, the sun shines directly into my studio in the late afternoon, which can be a blessing and a curse. Halfway into painting and recording this piece, the sun was right in my eyes, but I powered through to the end. I sprinkled sea salt into the sky to get the cool cloud effect. But in the end, it didn't quite end up looking how I had hoped it would. I didn't like it at all at first. But it really grew on me! I wasn't planning on turning it into a print at all, but after I shared the video online, I got so much positive feedback. So I did. This print sells great year round now! Its a favorite for those like me who like to switch up the beach landscapes from time to time. It's wintery but colorful. 

You can watch the painting video on instagram here !

It looks great in many different colored frames. I've had customers frame it for their office, entry way, bathroom living room, and bedroom! 

I have this one currently framed on my own mantle as well! ( Paired with the red bridge winter print)

If you like the winter vibe you can pair it with some of the other wintery piece I have here


If you have this print framed in your home, I'd love if you'd share it with me, send me an email, or tag me on instagram @alr.designs !

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