Print of the Week! 2/27/24

Print of the Week! 2/27/24

Ok I'll be honest, I had originally planned a TOTALLY different print of the week today. It couldn't be more opposite than the one I decided to go with. Originally I was going to feature my  Shark Eclipse print, but when I sat down to write this Tuesday morning it was sunny, and New England warm ( any temp over 48 degrees), and I just finished printing some Easter card orders. So I did a complete 180 switch up and went with the Spring Flower Crown Duck, which I just can't help but smile at every time I look at it. But for all of you that actually take the time to read these posts, I'll give you a bonus and offer the print of the week discount on both prints. 

The discount for the duck is automatically applied at checkout. But if you also want to grab the shark print, enter code SHARK27 at checkout, and get a discount on that print as well! Valid through 3/5/24.

About the original:

Ok so back to our sweet little spring duck. I painted this A WHILE back, way farther back than I realized! I painted this back in April of 2019! I had just opened my Etsy shop to sell some Easter cards I painted for fun. Searching for the originals picture really sent me down a nostalgic rabbit hole, that I may have to do a separate post about closer to Easter. 

( The first greeting card collection I ever sold online!)

But the ducky, was actually one of my first free downloads that I offered! I could not find a picture of the original, which surprised me, because I could have sworn that I shared a pic of the painting on my feed! But, I did find a sneaky little pic in the archives of my instagram stories. I believe I gave the original to my mom. Looking at the picture now I can really see how much my watercolor skills have improved, and how much your watercolor paints and paper make a difference in the vibrancy of your paintings. Every time I look at this print and it really makes me want to paint another duck because they are just so cute. So, I may have to paint a new one for a freebie in March!

(This is a screenshot from my Instagram stories in 2019.)

What to pair it with:

This has always been a popular print for such a wide age range. It's popular for nurseries, but also just to frame and decorate with for the spring or Easter season. 

I love pairing this piece with any of the floral pieces from my Springtime collection like the Lilac Bouquet, Queen Bee, and the Springtime Fields prints.

If you want more Easter or nursery vibes, my all-time favorite pairing is with pairing it with the Watercolor Duck and Bunny. I also love it paired with any of the other bunny prints like The Bunny in Shirt, or the adorable Bunny Set. You can also pair it with any of the cards from the Easter Collection, because they will all fit in a 5x7 frame. 


The Spring flower Crown Duck is also available as a  greeting card, available with or without a greeting. The card is popular for baby showers, Mother's day, birthday's and Easter! 

 If you have this print framed in your home, I'd love if you'd share it with me, send me an email, or tag me on instagram @alr.designs !

Stay tuned for a new duck painting!

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