Print of the Week! 3/12/24

Print of the Week! 3/12/24

Highlighting not just one, but 3 this week. All of my OG bunny prints!

When I see these prints, I automatically think of 4 years almost to the date when I created these.

Four years ago, we were under lockdown for covid. It's also when I officially went full time in my business (unplanned) after being temporarily laid off from my other jobs during lockdown. I was privileged enough to be home with a lot of free painting time. Some people baked bread ( ok I did bake a lot of banana bread), but I painted, so much. so many of my most popular pieces today came from that time, which is crazy to think of now. 

Since we went into lockdown in March, we were closing in on Easter, so that's why I was painting a lot of bunnies during that time. 

I was rationing my watercolor paper supplies so it would last through lockdown, so most of my pieces, including these were only small 4x6 pieces. At the time of painting them, I had no way to do prints of them, so they were originally only offered as digital downloads.

I still have the originals tucked away, but I'm happy that now I have prints available of them, and that they're still loved so much.

I also painted these to offer as a free digital download at the time:

The bunny bunny designs are of course offered on greeting cards  as well.  I think half of the Easter card designs were created in 2020. 

I love framing these sweet prints this time of year, for Easter or springtime. They're also popular for nursery decor. 

I might not publish them all, but I can't help but paint new spring bunnies around this time every year. 

Find ALL of the available bunny prints in my animal prints section, 30% off through 3/19.

 If you have any of these print framed in your home, I'd love if you'd share it with me, send me an email, or tag me on instagram @alr.designs !

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