Print of the Week! 3/13

Print of the Week! 3/13

This print that we're featuring this week for the print of the week is our blue-green shark print. We love this print because it looks awesome by itself as well as paired with so many of our other prints!

We also offer this shark in a slightly different color-way here

Since we started offering this print, we've seen it paired with so many prints, so we thought we'd share some of our favorites!

Pictured above: blue-green shark print  and Colorful Oyster print


Paired with the Oyster Moon print

Paired with the Colorful Oyster print

Paired with the Oyster Mermaid print

Paired with the Shark Eclipse print

Paired with the Hammerhead Shark print

Paired with the Shark Mermaid print.

Paired with the Wave Break print

Paired with the Peace and Oceans print

Paired with the Horseshoe Crab print

Paired with our Salty Cape Blues print

Paired with our Oyster Shark print

4 framed art prints picturing a beach, a blue ocean scene with a sailboat, a shark and a shark in the shape of an oyster shell

Pictured above from left to right: Wave Break printblue-green shark print

Sail Away print and Oyster Shark print

During the holidays we offered this print as one of our limited edition gold-foil hand embossed prints in gold brushed aluminum frames. We love how well it paired with the other gold foil prints seen here. The shark old out twice, so this is the only picture we got!

If you're interested in purchasing a gold-foil version, email us:

These are just a few of our favorites! If you have this print hanging in your home, either fiercely framed as a stand alone, or paired with another print, share it with us on instagram @alr.designs .

Watch me paint a similar version on Instagram here

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