Spring Morning Capsule Collection

Spring Morning Capsule Collection


   Last week I had no intention of creating a spring collection. In fact, my next collection that I was/should have been working on was the new Mom, Dad, and Grad greeting card collection.  But if you follow me on social media then you know that my printer had other plans for me. 

   The printer saga is complicated. If you don't know, I print all of my prints and cards myself. Most of them I print on demand/ to order. This helps reduce inventory waste. When my printer died Tuesday though, that meant all of a sudden I couldn't print any orders. So that is a whole other story and issue, but all that to say, that it left me feeling VERY stressed. So what do I like to paint when I'm stressed? Flowers and landscapes. I lean towards these because for me, I don't usually sketch them, I kind of just work with the watercolor to let it do it's own magic. I find painting these two subject matters to be both fun and calming, and somewhat easy for me to do when my mind is too distracted to do detail work. So what started with one daisy painting turned into 6 floral pieces.

 I will admit, I do use reference photos for most of my paintings ( from sources like unsplash) But that being said, I also tend to merge a bunch of photos in my mind till I get the style and look I want. I did this a lot with these to get the morning light look that I wanted.

These pieces were inspired by my favorite parts about spring, the morning light, and just the extra sunlight in general after winter. The greenery, when everything around you finally starts till fill in with greenery again and look less barren. And of course the flowers, sprinkled everywhere like confetti.

I hope you enjoy them as much as I do. 

Originals and Prints for this collection are now available, checkout the Spring Morning Collection here

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